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Dr. Ashok Rughani is an excellent sexologist, very professional and with affordable treatment. He has time to understand problem and then explained in detailed about plan of treatment. I highly recommend anybody or any couple to seek his help for counseling and treatment.

12th Apr, 2016


If a person has any sexual problem, than that person must visit Sexual Medicure Center. Dr Ashok Rughani sir is very friendly and listen to you, he treats you professionally as he is highly educated person.

26th Feb, 2016


Sexual medical centre is highly organized treatment centre for all sexual counseling and treatment of sexual problems. From appointment to treatment you see professionalism in every angle .Dr.Rughani has a lot of patience to listen your problems and carry out all necessary diagnostic equipment with latest technology in the field. I can say authentically he is miraculous in treating sexual problems. I advise every one with problems to visit him .

26th Feb, 2016


An awesome doctor and a great person... He has very good knowledge in his field and gives the best possible treatment and guidance. His response is really humble. He is trustworthy and highly recommendable.

28th Dec, 2015


He is a nice doctor. You can trust him. He can be a good councilor, a good friend, a good guide. I am thankful to him.

28th Dec, 2015

Deepali Sharma:

What a pleasant experience, the doctor and staff are professional but make you feel very relaxed and comfortable. Highly recommended.

14th Jul, 2015

Shalini Rajput:

Wonderful doctor and he is very personable and knows what he is doing. Explains everything he is doing in the procedure. I will continue to go back to see him.

14th Jul, 2015

Suresh Thakrar:

Miracleous doctor who diagnosed correct reason for my sexual dysfunction and provided correct medicine very affordable and very effective.now we lead a perfect sexual life to maximum satisfaction.His examination room is fully equipped to diagnose and educate all problems related to sexuality.Overall very satisfied with his professional advise and strongly recommend to visit him to get all related problem solved.

29th Jun, 2015

Mrs. Arpita Sharma:

I was pleased with Dr. Rughani`s approach for me and my husband. Our problem was solved, and we are living happily after the treatment he gave us, he was very empathetic and calm while we told him our problems. He is a good doctor, I do not hesitate to recommend him for any type of sexual problems. Thank you doctor Rughani and Mrs, Aarti Rughani.

2nd Mar, 2015

Shreyans Jain:

Excellent ! When going to a Sexologist we have fears being judged, fees, intensity of the problem we are in and whether there is a cure. At Dr. Ashok`s clinic forget all these and go without any fears

2nd Dec, 2014

Nikita R. Patel:

We visited Dr Rughani for our sexual problems and doctor and his wife have examined us and given advice and now we are doing well. We are very happy with service. We are Thankful to doctor and his wife for helping in our marriage life.

20th Jun, 2014

Dinesh Patel :

Dr Ashok Rughani is an excellent, caring & and very professional doctor. My wife and me are very happy after his Consultation. Thank you sir for taking care.

24th May, 2013

Mr. Priyesh Patel :

Dr Ashok Rughani is an excellent sexologist,caring, transparent, good sense of humor and has treated me and my wife with respect. I highly advise fellow friends to seek his advise for your sexual problems

12th Jun, 2012

Parita Rahul :

Great website information. Very humble and caring doctor. I would highly recommend to couple, female and men for pre-marital counselling and other advise related to sexual issues and relationship problems.

23rd Nov, 2010



202, Polaris,Opp., Nidhi Hospital, Stadium Commerce Road, Off. C. G. Road,Navrangpura, Ahmedabad - 380009, Gujarat,India.



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