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Jcb :

We visited Dr Ashok Rughani last month for our sexual issues and after three visits, our sexual life improved. He is an excellent doctor, excellent counseling -mainly couple counseling, and very caring and honest doctor with good professional service given to us. We would advice any couple with sexual issues, relationship issues or unconsummated marriage life to seek medical help of Dr Ashok Rughani and his wife

5th Sep, 2017

Suresh T :

I had severe diabetic conditions affecting our sexual life .Dr.Ashok not only correctly diagnosis the situation and cured all problems related .His advise and equipment he has in clinic will help all patients for sure .He offers privacy while consultancy and offers friendly atmosphere to address our problems. I strongly recommend him to any patients having problems with sexual related issues.

5th Sep, 2017

Suraj Sharma :

I have visited Dr Ashok Rughani for sexual problems. Now my wife is pregnant, Dr. Rughani is very good, helpful and caring.

5th Sep, 2017

Ankit Sharma :

I visited Dr Ashok Rughani for my sexual concern. He is very good doctor, good human being, very good in taking care of my sexual problem. Now after four visits, I am doing very good and have happy marriage life with my wife. I highly recommend any couple with sexual issue to visit him without any fear .

4th Aug, 2017

Nasirkhan :

Excellent sexologist. Very professional, friendly and has explained my problems in details. Now I am very happy with treatment.

4th Aug, 2017

Jaya Jain:

Excellent doctor. Feel free to consult Dr Ashok Rughani for sexual problems. My problem have been solved in six months, which I was suffering since last seven years.

28th May, 2017

S R Lalwani:

Dr Ashok Rughani is a very good doctor. We had problem of sexual relationship for five years after marriage and after consultation and counselling for five siting, we both are having happy marriage life. I would advice other couple to please consult Dr Ashok, do not feel shy and feel free to discuss your problems. He is very professional, friendly, honest and trustworthy.

1st May, 2017

Aakash Raval:

Excellent sexologist, very friendly, professionalism and always have time to explain about clients problem in details. Very honest doctor I have seen in my life. I would advice anybody with sexual problems to visit Dr Ashok Rughani.

7th Apr, 2017


Dr. Ashok Rughani is very good, we had sexual problems and he treated us very well. Now we are having very happy married life.

20th Feb, 2017


Dr Ashok Rughani is a very good doctor as well as friend. He can read your mind very easily. He is great psychologists also. In this modern age there are so many physical and psychological problems which effects our sexual life. Dr Ashok is specialist in this area. No other Dr is as best as he is. Thanks to Dr

28th Dec, 2016



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