What is Sex..?

Sex Ids One Of The Most Common And Overrated Terms That Is Used Today. To Ask “What Is Sex” Is Necessary Though It Can Mean Different ...

The Science Of Love

Love At First Sight Is Real. Ok, So Maybe Not Fully Developed Love, But A Quick Passionate Response Is Possible. Your Brain Can Release

Decreaced Sexual Desire Screener

1. In The Past, Was Your Level Of Sexual Desire Or Interest Good And Satisfying To You? Yes /No 2. Has There Been A Decrease In Your Level Of Sexual...

Sexual Problem & Depression

How To Get Out Of This Funk? There's No One-Size-Fits-All Approach. But There Are Some Tried-And-True Ways To Successfully Treat Depression Without Ruining Your Sex Life.

Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction Is Described As An Overwhelming Need Of Sex, The Pursuit Of Which Frequently Takes Precedence Over All Other Things In Life, Including Work & Relationships.

Importance of Foreplay

Get Frisky For 20 Minutes?! This Recommendation For Foreplay, Often Given By Sexologists And Sexuality Educators, Is Typically Regarded As A Total Chore,...