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Sex ids one of the most common and overrated terms that is used today. To ask “what is sex” is necessary though it can mean different things to different people. If we talk of process of sex, it is simply about people enjoying and indulging in an intimate session with their partner, which can include foreplay, cuddling sessions, kissing, touching, hugging and penetrative sex. For different kinds of sexual orientations, sex is different. Whether you are straight, bisexual, gay, lesbian, pansexual, queer or still questioning will determine what sex means and include for you.

If we look at the poor state of sex education in our country, the obvious question, what is sex, becomes pertinent and the most essential. I strongly believe that our country needs sex education at mid school, college and even in medical education system to understand about sexuality for both male and female. Sex is an act of love, it is consensual and if either of the partners is not willing to indulge in it, it is not sex, it is rape. There are many dynamics in sex.

Many a times, especially in the amateur years, it can be difficult to understand one’s feelings towards sex. Is it a subject that makes you uncomfortable? You don’t know what you may enjoy in sex? Are you really ready for sex? What is the right age to have sex the first time? In an attempt to answer questions that pertain to the subject, we look at the subject and attempt answering all these questions.

What is Sex? : As mentioned above, sex can mean different things to different people. It can be effected by your brought up, your belies, your sexuality and even your gender as it is now a matter of study how men and women think of sex differently.

A sexual act can involve many things besides vaginal sex and may not include vaginal sex at all. It involves everything and anything that feels sexual in nature, such as hugging, kissing and touch that is sexual in nature, anal intercourse, oral sex, stripping in front of someone, so on and so forth. However, the act of sex by definition refers to the act of penetration, the intercourse. However many LGBT activists are fighting against this definition as it is heteronormative. We should respect their feelings also.

Type Of Sex:

As said above, sex in itself is merely about the penile vaginal intercourse. However we look at the types of sex, we usually mean the types of sexual activities, which can be of the following types.

Vaginal sex:
This is the heteronormative, straight sex, where a man penetrates his penis into the vagina of a woman. This is the most common type of sex as the majority of Indian population falls into the straight. Although studies are claiming that all the women are either bisexual or gay but not straight, but the acknowledgment of the same is still very less.

Oral sex:
this refers to the act of stimulating the sexual organs of your partner orally, by swallowing or licking them. Oral sexual activity is not dependant on a particular orientation and can be practiced by partners of any sexual interest. Male to female- clitoral stimulation, labia majora stimulations-breast sucking etc and female to male-penile licking or sucking are very common practice and also gives more pleasure.

Anal sex:
this type of sex is illegal in India but still many people practice. It refers to penetrating a partner into their anus. Usually , anal sex is stereotyped for gay men, however, more and more women are also indulging in anal sex. The chanes of infection in anal sex are higher and it carries multiple other risks of sexually transmitted disease. I strongly advice them to use condom and lubricants.

Mutual masturbation:
this form of sex does not involve penetration. It involves masturbating in front of your partner or helping him masturbate. This is the safest form of sexual activity as the risk of STD, pregnancy or infection is non-existent.

Health benefits of sex:

Sex strengthens your immune system.
If you are sexually healthy and active, you will need lesser and lesser sick off. This is because sex is really helpful in boosting your immunity and your frequency of falling sick will reduce.
Controls high blood pressure:
research has suggested a link between regular sexual activity with lower blood pressure. A study showed that sex particularly, and not even masturbation, helped in lowering the systolic blood pressure.

Sex helps to improve bonding of a couple.

Sex helps boost your libido:
this is basically saying that practice makes man perfect and confidence makes man perfect. The more sex you have, the more awesome it gets as it boosts your sexual libido. Particularly for women, when they have more sex, they have better vaginal lubrication, more elasticity and a boosted blood flow in their vaginal parts which makes sex better for them.

Sex helps women in bladder control.

Sex burns calorie, a good exercise.

Sex improves cardiovascular health:
A regular sexual activity will keep the hormones oestrogen and testosterone in control. When they are maintained in the right balance in your body, the chances of osteoporosis and heart disease are lowered. A study proved that when a man has sex twice in a week, it reduces his chances of death by a heart attack by half when compared to men who had sex very rare.

Sex reduces risk of prostate cancer.

Sex can reduce pain:
Orgasm is known as a natural pain killer or blocker as it releases a hormone that can raise threshold of your pain. In fact, only if you vaginally stimulate yourself, it can also block pain and reduce menstrual cramps, headaches, leg pain and joints pain.

Sex reduces stress:
Sex produces the feel-good hormones in your body, hence, reducing stress and releasing anxiety. It can even boost your intimacy with your partner and help increase your self-esteem.

Sex leads to better sleep:
When you orgasm, the hormone called prolactin is released in your body. It can significantly relax you and help you doze off as soon as you have sex.

It can build intimacy with your partner.

Sex is very strong means of bonding with your partner. Studies have shown that how after a couple has sex, their dependence on each other, their trust factor and intimacy boosts up.


A mistake many people commit is not indulging in foreplay at all or not enough before sex. Usually, it is stereotyped that it is only women who need to indulge in foreplay. However, that is not the case. Even men’s sex lives can significantly get better if they indulge in foreplay.

Foreplay has many benefits, not only foreplay leads to better sex; it is also a great physical as well emotional bonder. Studies have shown when you and your partner indulge in proper foreplay; it leads to longer sex and better orgasm-which leads to satisfaction. In fact, even if you are masturbating, allowing yourself proper arousal is important as even then, it can impact the quality of your orgasm and overall satisfaction.

After play is also very important. Involve in intimate talk, touching, rubbing, cuddling with partner gives immense pleasure to couple.


There are things which men and women love in bed. If you do them the right way, chances are you will have the best sex life. Wondering what your guy likes and dislikes? Here’s a look at what you should and should not do if you are dating a man.

Take charge and be direct. Men love it when their partners are all up for it and have the confidance to ask for it directly.

Eye to eye contacts are very important. Men loves visuals and for them, visual arousal is as good as what they get.

Be confident. We know that everyone has qualms about the way their bodies look. You may not be very confident about the scar at your back or abdomen or about the hair on your thighs, but that’s only human. If you are confident, it will be all fine.

And most importantly, have open communications. Communicate about your fantasies. The more open you are about them, the more open he will be about the. When you both discuss about what you like and dislike, about what you would want and so on, sex will always be good.

Don’t do following—

Don’t talk about babies. Sure, that may be what is going on in your mind but live in the moment and enjoy the act of sex rather than planning your family when you are better orgasming. Enjoy pleasure.

Don’t refer to his penis size.

Don’t act bored or sleepy. He wants to see you interested in him.

Don’t talk too much. That does not mean that you control moaning.

And remember, never fake orgasms.

Now, we take a look at women want and do not want in sex.

You have to be verbal and swear and appreciate her beauty. They love it.

Use your hands and touch her everywhere softly. Focus on all the body parts and not just the breast and vagina.

Undress her. She likes it when you do it.

Look her in the eyes. Smile.

Don’t treat her clitoris like you are trying to give her a hard fiction. Be as gentle as you can.

Make noise. Talk and be verbal. Have open communications about what you like. Don’t skip foreplay and after play. You shouldn’t think that a ten –second kiss is enough to get the woman all flow. Generally 15 to 20 minutes fore play is good.

Good luck!! Have a great "SEX" life......



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