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Women’s intricate sexual response affords her an added bonus: women are multiorgasmic beings. Unlike men, women do not require a refractory period so don’t need to rest between orgasms. As long as women continue to be stimulated, she can have multiple orgasms. The trick is to remain aroused-focus, enjoy pleasure. Once woman slip back into a non-aroused state, it will be harder to get back to that orgasmic place. The clitoris is hypersensitive after orgasm, so indirect clitoral stimulation can make her most likely to climax again.

Types of orgasm

Women are capable of having three different types of orgasm, depending on the stimulation. Hot spots include clitoris, G-spot and cervix, and they are each capable of bringing their own type of pleasure to play. Now, aren’t you glad you were born without a Y chromosome!

The clitoral orgasm is perhaps the most commonly known and achieved type of orgasm, and most women find it to be the most powerful. It is experienced through direct or indirect stimulation of the clitoris and surrounding area, including the labia majora.

In addition, some women experience an intense vaginal orgasm. This occurs for some women when the G –spot and cervix are stimulated during penile vaginal intercourse or during fingering. You will need to find the right angle, and may need deep penetration, to stimulate your vaginal hot spots. This type of stimulation can be incredibly orgasmic, but you will need to be fully aroused to enjoy the entense sensations.

A blended orgasm is the best of both worlds, and usually occurs when a woman’s vagina and clitoris are stimulated at the same time. Positions that allow our partner to stroke your clitoris as he thrusts are good for achieving orgasm this way.

Positions for orgasm

Not all sexual positions lend themselves to female orgasm. For example, rear-entry (doggy style) positions usually mean that the penis misses the clitoris entirely. The best positions afford you both clitoral and vaginal stimulation, which allow for blended orgasms. Women on top positions are well-loved for this reason, because they allow you to control the angle and depth of penetration.

Don’t be discouraged if, like many women, you find that sex alone doesn’t cut it. Needing extra stimulation during intercourse is perfectly normal, and any position that allows you, or your partner, to rub your clitoris-or use a small vibrator-will help you achieve sexual satisfaction more quickly and regularly. Alternatively he can use oral sex or some creative handwork to give you an orgasm before or after penetration.



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